Our Altadena Water Heater Repair Specialists Are On-Call 24/7

The most common problem that our Our Altadena Water Heater Repair Service Installs New Water HeatersAltadena plumbers encounter is with local water heaters. So we developed our own team of dedicated Altadena water heater repair specialists. We can help, whether you have a standard storage style water heater that needs repair, or you're thinking about upgrading to an instantaneous water heating system.
There are several things that you can do yourself to prevent a water heater problem. Our Altadena water heater repair contractors put together a list of preventative maintenance tips to follow:

Alt TextCheck the Temperature and Pressure Valve at the top of the unit. When you release the valve, it should let out hot water. If it does it is working properly. BE CAREFUL, this water is scalding hot.
Alt TextLet a bucket of water out of the lower drain every six months. This will help clear sediment from the decaying anode on the tank interior.
Alt TextPeriodically check the outside of the tank and all connections for leaks. A small leak, caught early, can prevent major flooding damage later.
Alt TextConsider painting the area beneath the water heater with a waterproof paint. If there is a leak, this paint will prevent floor damage.

Do You Need Service? Check Here!

Our Altadena Water Heater Repair Team is Available 24/7If you aren't sure whether you need water heater service, here is a checklist of common things that happen prior to major water heater problems:

Alt TextNo Hot Water
Alt TextInconsistent Hot Water Production
Alt TextRust Colored Water
Alt TextRotten Egg Smell
Alt TextPopping Sound Coming From the Unit
Alt TextLeaks

If you checked off any of these symptoms, you should have your hot-water heater looked at by a professional. Call in one of our licensed Altadena water heater repair experts to determine if the problem can be fixed, or if you need a brand-new  unit.